Being a mother is the best feeling ever – Tiwa Savage



“Being a mother is the most awesome feeling ever – Tiwa Savage
Make a list of the top artistes in Africa at the moment and you cannot help but mention Tiwatope Savage, irrespective of whatever yardstick is employed.
Beautiful, classy and blessed with the voice of a nightingale, #Tiwasavage is singing and the world is listening. Despite the personal issues she has had to contend with, the mother of one is still making waves with her career.

Speaking with Sunday Scoop, she spoke on what drives her. “Music is what I like to do best so I am primarily motivated by my love for music. Beyond that, the love of my family and fans spurs me on. I am inspired whenever I get beautiful messages from people who have been blessed by what I do. It gives me the assurance that yes, I’m doing something right. 

And that is why I am constantly working to put out new and refreshing materials,” she said with an infectious smile.

So what happens when she gets ugly messages? “I don’t let it get to me. Of course, not everybody would like you. However, I have also learnt that many of the people who say mean, hurtful things about you are not really mad at you. They just probably have some unresolved issues in their lives. To people like that, I try to respond with love or just move on without dwelling on it,” she said.

On what sort of impact motherhood has had on her as a singer and person, she said, “Being a mother is the most awesome feeling ever.”​

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